Gender gap in home care: Where are the men?

…yet in the majority of families in Australia we still see the mother taking on the role of “homemaker” – with primary responsibility for cooking, cleaning and caring for children.
But is this cultural norm preventing older men from accessing support services within our community?

The Importance of Extended Home Visits

We have created a culture of life in the fast lane, which becomes only more evident in our later years, when many of us feel a natural urge to slow down, take it easy physically and spend more time with those we love.

Keeping a Pet is Good for your Happiness & Health

While the list of advantages for staying at home versus entering a retirement village are vast there is one very big reason that many people or families fail to realise until it’s too late – keeping your beloved family pet. Science has proven the health benefits of owning and cat and dog from keeping fit […]

Maintain Your Mind and Body Health

While I talked about the importance of regular physical exercise as we age in my first blog I am going to take it a step further and talk about the importance of keeping mentally fit and how certain activities in particular have been proven to do both – keep mind and body stimulated. Researchers have […]

Stay Active and Stay In Your Own Story

Some people believe that physical fitness is no longer appropriate, older people are frail and weak and exercise is indead a health hazardous. This of course is incorrect and almost half of the population over 50 years of age experience physical decline and ill health as a result of no exercise.

Consumer Directed Care – Supporting Your Choices

In July 2015, the Australian Government introduced a new approach to aged care called Consumer Directed Care (CDC) that was designed to give greater control to people who choose to live independently in their own homes through their later years.

Working forward

"Thank you for meeting with our family today to discuss the process to help our Mother move into residential aged care. The meeting was truly wonderful! You’re the greatest! No doubt there’ll be hurdles yet but now we have a plan and a direction to work toward… hallelujah!"

A pleasure to work with

"I would like to thank Margie for her wonderful support in getting Troy on the next flight home. She has done a wonderful job. It has been a pleasure to work with your organisation and I will be adding your company to our list of providers for 1:1 holiday support."

Someone to turn to

"Thank you for the extra time & TLC… Your advice came in very handy at the family meeting, not to mention someone to turn to should we hit a wall. Many many thanks."