Ten Years Younger – In Home Care

Ten Years Younger - In Home Care

We are a Commonwealth Government Approved Provider of Home Care Packages

Ten Years Younger Home Care enables you to continue to live at home.

It’s about creating opportunities that build and enhance quality of life whilst providing quality care.

A trip to the beach, hosting a card party or a visit to the shops, Ten Years Younger Home Care believes in the importance of maintaining the simple things in life.

The nursing home industry has grown rapidly in response to the clashing demands of modern life and care of the elderly, however many people would prefer to stay in their familiar surroundings where they can continue to interact with their family, friends and neighbours and where they are surrounded with the memory cues that provide that all-important sense of identity.

Home care gives everybody what they want, allowing families to retain their existing roles, while their loved one stays at home with the support and clinical oversight of qualified and experienced carers.

Ten Years Younger Home Care is a flexible service that accommodates the full spectrum of care from companionship right through to end of life care.

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  • In Home Care For Independent People
  • In Home Care For Moderate Care
  • In Home Care For Significant Care
  • Short Term Home Care
  • Respite Services

In Home Care For Independent People

A cheerful, helpful service that helps with the little things that enable you to enjoy living in your own home.

Our friendly, capable carers will be there in the background to lighten the load and share your journey. While it’s unlikely that you’ll be making much use of our medical and clinical expertise, it will provide you with peace of mind to know that you’re in very safe hands.

In Home Care For Moderate Care

When regular care becomes necessary it is often a spouse or immediate family member who takes on the responsibility.

We couldn’t imagine a better environment for care, but when the needs increase, allow our team of qualified carers to take on the responsibility of care, restoring healthy family dynamics and easing the burden on family members.

With Ten Years Younger Home Care in the picture, you will have peace of mind, knowing that your loved one is happy, safe and where they want to be most – that is, at home!

In Home Care For Significant Care

Now your loved one can have premium care provided in their own home. Ten Years Younger Home Care gives your loved one the chance to spend their last days in dignity and in the place that means most to them.

Our experienced carers deliver a high level of care and we work closely with family to fulfill the wishes of your loved one.

Short Term Home Care

Our carers make your recovery process as smooth and comfortable as possible.

If you are booked for a procedure and you require company post-operatively, we have friendly, capable and qualified carers ready to assist.

Respite Services

We fully understand the intensity of the primary carer’s role.

Allow us to support you to provide care so you can have a break and recharge your batteries.

You’ll benefit from the pause and your loved one will be in the care of qualified, capable staff.

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