The Importance of Extended Home Visits

Is it just me, or does time seem to have sped up?

Modern life moves at such a rapid pace that sometimes I am left wondering if the number of hours and minutes in each day could really be the same as it once was!

The digital age has revolutionised the way we communicate, with wide-ranging consequences – whether or not we decide to embrace new technologies.

Mobile phones have made it easier to reach our loved ones, and certainly provide peace of mind in case of an emergency. But while we can call friends and family at any time, most of our conversations have been dramatically shortened. We no longer get comfortable in an armchair by the handset, cup of tea in hand, to dial a friend’s number for a lengthy chat.

Likewise, with email replacing the hand-written letter years ago, sending and receiving a message is virtually instant. This is great for business productivity, and allows the rest of us to stay connected to our community. After all, you wouldn’t be reading this blog if not for the Internet!

Yet I also feel it has come at a cost of those special personal connections. Who amongst us still sends birthday and Christmas cards in the mail? And of those thoughtful souls who do, how many of you receive cards in the post in return?

Patience is no longer a virtue; instead, time is of the essence. We have created a culture of life in the fast lane, which becomes only more evident in our later years, when many of us feel a natural urge to slow down, take it easy physically and spend more time with those we love.

Fortunately, Ten Years Younger Home Care has taken a stand against the rushing tide, recognising the importance of extended home visits as part of our philosophy to enhance quality of life for our wonderful clients.

Our dedicated carers spend a minimum of three hours with each of our clients. That way, we have time not only to provide necessary medical support, but also to allow for that trip to the beach, visit to the shops, or just sharing a yarn and a cuppa. Put simply, Ten Years Younger believes in taking time to maintain the simple things in life.

But sadly, we are seeing evidence of the creep of fast-tracked life into aged care elsewhere, with British reports of home care visits lasting just a matter of minutes before the pressured carers are forced to rush to their next appointment.

In the UK, the national health care watchdog warned home visits should last at least 30 minutes in order to ensure clients’ dignity and wellbeing, after charities raised fears of vulnerable people being neglected.

Isn’t it about time we all took a deep breath, slowed down, and made time to connect with the people who are most important in our lives?

Simple Ways to Slow Down

  • Write a letter instead of sending an email or picking up the phone
  • Disconnect from the TV or Internet and go for a walk instead
  • Take up a mindful hobby, such as painting or yoga
Letter writing

Working forward

"Thank you for meeting with our family today to discuss the process to help our Mother move into residential aged care. The meeting was truly wonderful! You’re the greatest! No doubt there’ll be hurdles yet but now we have a plan and a direction to work toward… hallelujah!"

A pleasure to work with

"I would like to thank Margie for her wonderful support in getting Troy on the next flight home. She has done a wonderful job. It has been a pleasure to work with your organisation and I will be adding your company to our list of providers for 1:1 holiday support."

Someone to turn to

"Thank you for the extra time & TLC… Your advice came in very handy at the family meeting, not to mention someone to turn to should we hit a wall. Many many thanks."