Consumer Directed Care – Supporting Your Choices

There are many things in life over which we have no control. The first one that comes to mind is the weather – a common topic of small talk here in the Far North thanks to our tempestuous tropical climate. With every cyclone season, as we bunker down against the wrath of a predicted storm, I am always struck by just how much we are at the mercy of Mother Nature.

It makes sense, then, that we closely guard our right to maintain control over decisions and choices that are ours to make. From the big decisions, such as what we will do for a living or whom we will marry, to the little things – hands up who keeps hold of the remote while watching the box? – freedom to choose what is right for us is one of the keys to living a satisfied life.

This comes into focus as we age and are faced with a different set of circumstances and choices.

In July 2015, the Australian Government introduced a new approach to aged care called Consumer Directed Care (CDC) that was designed to give greater control to people who choose to live independently in their own homes through their later years.

All Home Care Packages will now be delivered under the CDC framework, which gives you and your carer more power to tailor the care and services you receive.

CDC means:

  • you will have more say in the care and services you access, how they are delivered and who delivers them to you
  • you will have conversations about your needs and goals
  • you will work in partnership with your service provider to develop your care plan
  • you agree to the level of involvement you will have in managing your care package
  • you will have a greater understanding about how your package is funded and how those funds are spent
  • your service provider will monitor and provide you with ongoing formal reviews to ensure that your package still meets your needs.


If you are an older person who would like to stay in your own home as long as possible, a Home Care Package can be designed to meet your specific needs. Some people will need help with home maintenance tasks such as washing or ironing or preparing meals, while others may need transport to do the shopping or attend social activities. You may also require support for mobility or personal care, or nursing and other clinical services.

There are five steps to accessing a Home Care Package:

  1. accessing eligibility
  2. finding a home care provider
  3. working out the costs
  4. being offered a package
  5. beginning services

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Ten Years Younger Home Care supports you as you work through these choices and decide what is right for you. We respect the importance of retaining your own identity, while providing the support you need to stay in your own home and in your own story.

Working forward

"Thank you for meeting with our family today to discuss the process to help our Mother move into residential aged care. The meeting was truly wonderful! You’re the greatest! No doubt there’ll be hurdles yet but now we have a plan and a direction to work toward… hallelujah!"

A pleasure to work with

"I would like to thank Margie for her wonderful support in getting Troy on the next flight home. She has done a wonderful job. It has been a pleasure to work with your organisation and I will be adding your company to our list of providers for 1:1 holiday support."

Someone to turn to

"Thank you for the extra time & TLC… Your advice came in very handy at the family meeting, not to mention someone to turn to should we hit a wall. Many many thanks."